Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yahoo FareChase offers good comparisons

I'm more familiar with and for comparison hotel and airline ticket shopping but it looks like Yahoo's FareChase offers a similar good selection of prices. That said it's becoming harder to find *the best* price because it may not be online. For example during out recent East coast trip the best prices *by far* were from RoomSaver Coupon books. Our Days Inn in Gettysburg, one of the finest "modest price" hotels you'll find in the USA - The Gettysburg Days has been Days Inn was Days "Hotel of the Year" several times running - had an online rate of 141. Coupon Book rate was $49.00. The books may not help you on weekends but your chances of finding vacancies at a coupon book property M-R are good. They tend to be chains at tourism hotspots and interstate intersections.