Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sleeping in the Airport? Check out this guide

The clever "Budget Travelers Guide to Sleeping in Airports"
offers some good advice and interesting travel tips for those stuck in Airports, though the site is actually suggesting this as a viable alternative to regular lodging, and they don't mean a fancy hotel that happens to be inside an Airport. From the Budget Travelers site:

For travellers who are REALLY on a budget and are looking for a way to skim a few bucks off their travel expenses, why not consider sleeping in an airport? Many airports are actually better than local lodging.

I can't imagine picking an Airport over any local lodging in the USA but this is a globally focused site and I'm sure there are some places where the Airport really is the best lodging choice.

For most travelers the tips are helpful in dealing with situations where you *must* sleep in the airport. I think this will become increasingly common as carriers are moving to minimize the number of flights and maximize the number of passengers.

Sweet Airport Dreams to you!