Monday, September 10, 2007

Can't sleep on the flight? Try these $3,000+ "lie flat" aka "flat bed" airline seats.

At SES San Jose the inimitable Dave Naylor was telling me how the new flat seats are well worth the cost because he can now sleep on his frequent flights to the USA for search conferences.

Here's an article about how British Airways spent $300,000,000 upgrading some of their airline seats to sleepers and how other airlines are now racing to compete in this lucrative niche market for deluxe airline seating.

I certainly could have used one of these on my trip to Paris a few years ago. I got there so tired it took several days to adjust and start enjoying myself, though I also had a cold. However given the price I think on future international trips I'll just allows a few extra days to sleep in the hotel rather than pony up several $k for a good nights sleep.

For detailed flat seat information check out, a new site devoted to this intriguing luxury niche.