Saturday, November 22, 2008

PDX Free Wifi Rocks ... and so does MFR Free Wifi

It is important to acknowledge when a business brings good technology to the table and I'm just throwing out kudos again to my two favorite Oregon Airports: PDX in Portand and MFR in Medford serving all of Southern Oregon and some of Northern California.

Both MFR Medford and PDX Portland have free wifi throughout the terminal complexes, and this makes travel so much nicer as you have a chance to catch up on some email, surf the web, or ... blog about how great free wifi is to have in an Airport.

Sure, eventually widespread use of cellular broadband will make airport wifi less important, but paying many airports the $9.95 "daily fee" for 30-60 minutes of Wifi is painful for reasons that are hard to articulate well given that the advantages clearly are worth that cost. I can only hope that the free Wifi airports see something back in terms of advertising support for the Wifi (seems rare), or an increased chance of business travellers who like this service (hard to measure, but seems somewhat likely).